Needed to share a web page to say what need to be said.

It has been a crazy week all around and I want to share what is happening going forward.

First let me say thank you for all that you have contributed.

Some of what I am about to say isn't good news at the moment.


After this past week I have been in contact with Theo. He and I have been in contact with Turner and after discussing the work load, what is coming and what is available to the masons the following scenerio is in play.


Starting Monday, the following people will be returing to LG..

My understanding is that Lou Sarno and Chris Jones are going to Labcorp to wash down (after schedule published) so even this information is subject to change.

If the above list changes I will text you directly.


I apologize for the way this is happening, but if your name is not on the list above you are going to be off for the forseeable future.

That does not necessarily mean you will not have a job with Nicholson in the future, but for the moment. I do not have enough information on the future work to give you prospects but I know many of you have heard of things and know as much as I do.

If you have tools on the job, please contact me and I will make some type of arrangement to get them back to you.