The New Jersey Grade School Wrestling League is comprised of wrestling teams throughout the central and northern areas of New Jersey.


Notes & Reminders & Updates - October 25th 4:30pm

MEETING REMINDER - Next Meeting (seeding) is Wednesday, Feb 7th, 2007 at 7PM

The site is back up and functional. Our web host sent a big letter on what happened and aplogized over and over again. They have put new procedures in place along with Microsoft to prevent it from reoccuring.

NEW TEAM OR STATISTICIANS - Feel free to enter a ficticional match to see how it works. If it is your first time you will find things easier if you preview the first-time instructions. The instruction are found in the menu above.

Online Entry | Match - Bout Functions | Entry Overview

Last years bouts will remain posted until the first 'real' match is entered. When a match is entered, last years matches will be removed and we will go on from there.

ROSTERS - If you haven't started on your rosters go ahead and begin. Each grade has been bumped up so last years seventh graders are now in the eigth grade category and so on. If you have a situation that is out of the ordinary, drop Don and email or post to the Yahoo! Groups section. (An example would be a wrestler that stayed back)
Reminder - This year each wrestler should have a seed point assigned.

SCHEDULE - Each team should now be using the calendar to enter home matches. For clarity - This means all of the teams that you are hosting. There is an example entry on October 18th to use a as guide. To start an entry click on the number that represents the date. The password will automatically display on the page if you are logged in to our database area.

Details on NJGSWL Sponsorship

General Club Announcements

Two New Tournaments

This weekend is the Iron Horse Club Halloween Wrestling Bash - Randolph

It's that time of year to get some tournaments in, shake off the wrestling rust and tune-up for the season.

Knowing that there are plenty of places that list tournaments, we only list the ones that matter - OURS! To see the upcoming events check out the menu above.


We are looking for sponsors for the 2007 season! If you are interested click on the green banners to see the details.

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